Her Work

Doris is best known for her landscape paintings of the southwest, but her overall catalog includes more than 2000 paintings of subjects from around the world and numerous bronze sculpture.

She was an icon of the New Mexico art community, and her innovative use of egg tempera as her primary medium further distinguishes her body of work.


Her Travels

In her nearly 5 decades of being a professional artist, Doris travelled throughout the world photographing subject matter for her work back in the studio.

The process of digitizing and documenting these images has just begun, but along with her handwritten travel journals, these photos promise to help us better understand Doris and her work.

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Her Process

Doris Steider discovered egg tempera early in her career. It was part of an academic exercise to understand the practice, that had been popular among the ancient masters but the craft of which had been largely lost in the modern era.

She fell in love with the unique look and luminosity it provides and spent the rest of her career perfecting the technique.

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About Doris Steider

Doris Steider (b.1924 - d.2010) received more than 80 awards and exhibited her work in over 100 one-person shows across the United States during a career as an artist that spanned more than 48 years. Her work has been shown at the Smithsonian Institution; the Witte Museum of Western Art; Focus International American Women in Art; Nairobi, Kenya; the Gilrease Institute; the Triton Museum in California, among many others.

The Doris Steider Legacy Project is committed to preserving her artistic legacy for future generations. It's a labor of love and a collaborative project, so we welcome your input. If you are interested in her work, be sure to become a fan on Facebook and contribute to the online discussion. If you own a Steider painting, tell us about it and we can feature your comments on the Doris Steider blog.

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